When you go into a digital device repair shop, you want to be sure that you can trust the technician that will be working on your equipment. There are important indicators you can use to decide like checking their credentials, reading reviews, and asking some questions. However, there are also things they might tell you to do that can be a clear indicator of how good (or terrible) the technician might be at their craft.

To help you be sure you can trust your technician, we’ve come up with some examples of things a device repair technician will NEVER tell you to do:

#1 “Don’t put your $800 iPhone in a case.”

So many people decide to go without a case, but realistically cases cost way less than the cost of a cracked screen repair. If you don’t like the bulkiness of the more rugged cases, you could try a “skin.” With this option, it offers greater protection over a “naked” phone, but still looks retains the cool look that comes from a sleek phone design.


2. “Buy a new laptop, it will be faster.”

In the past, each new generation of laptops revealed some major performance improvement, but that’s just not the case anymore. By adding more memory and replacing your disk drive with a solid state drive, repair technicians will likely get an old laptop performing as fast as today’s top end new models.

3. “Digital TVs are not repairable.”

It’s true that if you still have a fat CRT TV, you ought to get rid of it.  However, did you know that many of the new digital HDTVs have a power supply module that’s designed well enough to outlast the warranty period? A quality device repair technician will know how to help you get the most out of your TV and make repairs that are far less expensive than replacing your device.

4. “Just throw away your old electronics.”

As many socially and environmentally conscientious consumers know, throwing away electronics is not good for the environment. Not only is this reaction not being “green,” you are also throwing away money. Used devices, especially smartphones have cash value, even if they are several generations old. Many repair facilities will pay cash for your outdated devices.

Courtesy of Flickr User Intel Free Press

5. “Charge your phone every night, even if it still has 60% battery left.”

Although most phones are able to stop the charging current when it reaches capacity, that doesn’t mean you should be charging your phone all night, every night. It is just asking for issues when you decide to overdo anything, especially with electronics. It is recommended that you keep your smartphone charged to between 40 and 80% for a longer battery lifespan. You can totally charge your phone overnight, but just make sure to be conscious of how much juice you’re giving your battery.

6. “That new phone is waterproof, so go ahead and take it swimming with you.”

There are a wide range of water resistant and waterproof specifications in newer electronic products, but you should make sure your device is rated for the water activity you intend to use if for. Regardless of these ratings, submersion of your smartphone is not in the best interest of preserving its lifespan.

7. “Buying new is always better than repairing.”

We are in a throwaway society. Not only should consumers do their part to cut down on the incredible amount of digital device waste, but it’s also highly cost-effective to invest in repairing devices.  A good way to gauge whether you should repair or replace is if the repair costs are 60% or less than the replacement costs for the device.

8. “Return that hoverboard back to the guy in the mall that you bought it from.”

The guy who sold you the spiffy new hoverboard during the holidays at a mall kiosk is nowhere to be found? Many device repair technicians are skilled at a variety of electronic repairs. Not only can they repair your smartphones, TVs, and computers, but many can repair things you might purchase for fun like a hoverboard or drone.

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9. “Sure, we know how to recover your password.”

Even the FBI had to take a phone to Israel to crack a password. It’s important that you as the consumer develop a method for securing and remember your password. Organizing your digital life is important for many reasons, especially with so much sensitive information being used on the internet. Many device repair technicians will be happy to sit down and consult with you about ways to make your digital life easier as well.

10. “So you are still using a flip phone?  Get a smart phone”.


A quality device repair technician will never give you advice that would make your life more difficult.  While it’s true that replacement parts are scarce for flip phones, technicians can almost always locate a replacement flip phone that works exactly like your current phone.

How do you know whether you can trust a device repair technician to treat your precious digital devices with the care that you know they deserve? Tell us in the comments.