5 Signs You Know That It’s Time For A Computer Tune-up - Digital Doc

Have you been neglecting your computer?

Your computer is like a car – it requires ongoing maintenance and tune-ups to ensure that it is running in tip top shape. While we’re not talking about oil changes or tire rotations, there are things you need to do to keep your PC or Mac running smoothly and virus-free.

Even if you’re careful with your internet browsing, event without opening suspicious e-mails, not clicking on suspicious links, and not accepting annoying requests on Facebook, there are some tell-tale signs that your computer will need a checkup:

1.) Your computer or internet is… Slow

You may be quick to blame your internet service provider, but there are a number of things that can slow down your computer. You might be unaware that malicious things are up to no good as you work: spyware, viruses, malware, and even some of your own programs running quietly in the background bog down your computer speed.

It’ll take some sleuthing to figure out what’s hogging your computer’s resources because sometimes simply restarting your computer isn’t doing the trick. That brings us to our next point…

5 Signs You Know That It’s Time For A Computer Tune-up - Digital Doc

2.) Turning it off and turning it on again doesn’t work anymore

It’s a running joke of the IT Crowd, but it’s the golden rule to fixing any problem. Restarting your computer usually allows it to refresh and begin anew with a clearer slate, especially when the code runs into a problem and stops completely, i.e. “the blue screen of death.”

However, as mentioned before, some spyware and viruses can survive a reboot and in some cases even prevent you from restarting entirely.  If you still have some issues frustrating you to no end, and turning it off then turning it on again doesn’t help, it’s time for an expert to give your computer a checkup.

3.) Your computer makes weird noises

Any creature that has fallen ill will act erratically and make funny sounds – same goes for your computer.  While all computers make standard noises from a CD/DVD drive or internal fan, if you notice any new, strange things your computer is doing like groaning, vibrating, clicking, or odd whirring noises, it could be a sign that your computer is starting to show signs of wear, or worse, it’s about to crash.

Protect your precious photos, videos, and documents!  If you haven’t backed up your files on a separate drive yet (or don’t know how to), you absolutely need to do so ASAP because your machine could be on its last leg.  Contact a Digital Doc repair expert immediately to help you out!

4.) You’re installing a new program or upgrading software soon

Though this isn’t necessarily a “symptom” that your computer gives off, but before you install a program, or that fresh update (*cough* Windows 10 *cough*), you will need to consider if your computer can even handle the minimum requirements.

Going back to our car analogy, imagine that you want to replace the engine in your vehicle.  However, before you get that snazzy upgrade, you’ll have to consider if the rest of your automobile can handle it: Will it be able to supply the necessary power?  How much space will it take up? Will it even fit?  Will it take up more gas and resources than the previous engine?

Same goes for your computer – you will have to consider the resources, memory, and other parts involved with any new upgrade or software installation.  Ask for some advice from a qualified computer technician before taking any steps that might cripple your computer.

5.) It’s been a few years since you bought your computer

You might have heard the saying that in order to keep up with computer technology, you would need to replace your computer every 6 months.  According to Bit-Tech News, a survey revealed that on average, people realistically replace their computers every 4.5 years.

This is totally fine because buying a computer is an investment.  For most applications and uses, a well-tuned and regularly maintained machine can last a fairly long time.  However, according to Bit-Tech, the biggest reason people “reach for their wallets” to buy on a new computer is slow speed.

If you’re seeing any of these signs that your computer might need a tune-up, there are far more inexpensive ways to keep your investment running smoothly. Instead of buying a new computer, check out a local business offering computer repair services, or look into purchasing a refurbished computer.