Isn’t is the absolute worst to hear that ‘low battery’ ping on your phone with nary a charger or electrical outlet in sight?

With so many advancements in smartphone technology, it’s incredible that most iPhones and Androids still use lithium-ion batteries, which are notorious for having a short lifespan. Since smartphones are already so expensive, it’s unlikely that manufacturers will switch from these cheap-to-produce batteries in the foreseeable future.

While we don’t want to restrict your freedom and tell you to stop watching videos on Youtube, never check Facebook, stop playing games, or delete apps off of your phone, there are some really simple tricks you can do to reduce the amount of battery life you use.

6 Ways to Enhance Your Smartphone Battery Life - Digital Doc Repair

1.) Become Sherlock and Identify the Culprits

This one is not as complicated as it sounds. In your phone settings, there is a Battery menu where you can see a breakdown of which apps and components use the most battery.  From here, you can find the largest hoggers of your battery power and curb their use.  Often times, you’ll find that your screen is number-one on the list…

6 Ways to Enhance Your Smartphone Battery Life - Digital Doc Repair - Photo courtesy of WPXBox.com
Photo courtesy of WPXBox.com

2.) Darken All The Things!

One of the biggest battery drainers on your phone is its screen display.  While one could argue that this is THE most essential component of your smartphone, there are a few settings you can adjust so your screen doesn’t gobble up so much energy:

  • Lower your screen brightness, or turn on the Auto-brightness setting to automatically adjust based on the light around your phone.  While you may need a brighter screen when outdoors or in well-lit areas, you don’t need to crank the brightness to 100-percent the afternoon or nighttime. Turning on the auto-brightness setting will conveniently dim the screen to use less energy for you.
  • Go into Display Settings and turn on “Sleep” or screen-shutoff settings.  Tell your phone to shut off the display after a minute or less of inactivity – if you’re not doing anything on it, why should your screen stay on?
  • Choose darker backgrounds.  Bright backgrounds use more energy to display. Consider a dark (if not near-black) background for your home screen and your lock screen so your phone uses less power overall. If we ay, we suggest a background of outer space and your favorite star constellation.
  • Download a screen-darkening app. Even on your phone’s lowest brightness setting, it can still be a bit bright for nighttime use and may strain your eyes. There are a few free apps that specialize in darkening your brightness even lower, such as “Screen Filter,” “Easy Eyes, and “Night Mode.”  

3.) Be aware that your phone is always syncing

Your phone is constantly talking to your mobile network. It periodically checks for a signal to make sure you never miss a call, text message, e-mail,  ensuring that you’re synced up with the world.  However, in areas of weak signals and undetectable networks,

your phone will constantly search for a signal in rapid intervals, leeching off your battery.  Here are some things you can do:

  • Temporarily turn off mobile data. Turning off mobile data in your settings will stop most apps from trying to get new emails, notifications, and other data updates.  You’ll still be able to make phone calls and send texts with your regular mobile network.  As an added bonus, this may also turn off ads in certain free-to-play games. Score!
  • Adjust app notifications.  Notifications such as Facebook comments, coupon deals, and new e-mails will collectively will drain your battery life. With every notification, your phone wakes for a few seconds, turns on the screen, and chimes or vibrates to bring the notification to your attention, so it’s best to curb the non-essential ones. In an Android phone, go into the app’s specific settings to turn off notifications, often hidden behind the “i” (information) icon.  In iPhone settings, there is a notification section to disable notifications for apps you choose.

4.) Download a free battery-saving app

While turning off notifications can help conserve battery life, many popular apps will still continue to work in the background, even after you exit out of the app. Digging around and finding these hidden busy apps may take some technological savvy. Thankfully, there are a few free apps designed to hunt for them and shut them down. Android Apps like Greenify and Battery Doctor 2016, and iOS apps like Battery Doctor and Battery Life Magic will identify guilty apps and kill any unnecessary background activity.

6 Ways to Enhance Your Smartphone Battery Life - Digital Doc Repair

5.) Know your phone needs attention

There are lots of theories out there for conserving your battery for a longer life. Try to keep your battery at 40% battery or higher. It was true that nickel-based batteries needed to die down to low battery, but the same is not true for Lithium Ion batteries (which all smartphones have). That doesn’t mean getting overzealous, though. Don’t let your phone charge while you’re sleeping. Unfortunately, charging cords don’t know when a battery is fully charged, and over-charging wears on a phone’s battery life.

6.) Bring Your Phone to a Digital Doc

If you keep hitting low battery percentages and are frustrated by your short battery life, let us take a look at your phone for you.  We’ll diagnose the problems and give you a free estimate for any work that might need to be done, whether it’s a battery replacement or something more serious..  Come in or give us a quick call – Easy peasy.  =)