It happens to a lot of us — we take our electronic devices for granted.  Phones, televisions, computers, gaming systems, some of us use them quite literally every day and we don’t realize how big of a part of our lives they take, until one day they break down and become a full stop to our everyday life.

Never fear! If your electronic device breaks down, you luckily have a Digital Doc Repair location near you that can help you get back on your feet quickly.  Here are 8 ways a trip to Digital Doc can speed up your life:

#1 – Digital Doc Fixes Your Broken Phone

Once your phone becomes unresponsive, starts to get irritatingly slow, or when your screen gets damaged, it’s frustrating to not be able to use your phone properly. Every Digital Doc employee has expertise in all makes and models of cell phones, and are happy to give you a free repair estimate or let you know other affordable phone trade-in or phone upgrade options.  Even if you have insurance with your carrier, oftentimes their non-refundable deductible costs an average of about $150 – $200.  Plus, you’ll have to ship your broken phone and wait for its replacement to arrive in the mail.  Most cell phone problems can be fixed with Digital Doc’s same day repair at a much lower cost.  Coming to Digital Doc first will save you time, money, and get your phone working again ASAP.

#2 – Digital Doc Fixes Your Computer

It’s inevitable that something will go wrong with your computer, but Digital Doc covers it all: removing viruses and malware, replacing your hard drive or power supply, changing out your motherboard, etc.  Digital Doc can even help improve your computer and make it faster by optimizing performance, adding memory, installing new graphics cards and operating systems, and more. Digital Doc will keep your computer running fast so you don’t miss a beat!

#3 – Digital Doc Fixes your PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Wii U

Our game systems provide so much enjoyment (and in some cases, physical exercise), that it sucks when they stop working properly.  You can bring in your Xbox, PlayStation, or Wii U to Digital Doc and the certified technicians there will fix it. Believe it or not, Digital Doc can also repair your beloved Sega Genesis and NES consoles, too!  So when blowing the cartridges doesn’t work anymore, bring your console in.

#4 – Digital Doc Repairs Your Tablets and Notebooks

For some of us, our tablet is our lifeline to our social life, work life, and recreational life (all those games!).  While Digital Doc can’t help your Candy Crush addiction, they can help with other issues like cracked screens, short battery life and other charging issues, and more.  Digital Doc provides free estimates on what it will take to fix your tablet or notebook, and all repairs come with a 90-day repair warranty.  We want to make sure your device works again as soon as possible and we’ll do what it takes.  But, please stop sending us Candy Crush requests. Seriously.

#5 – Digital Doc Can Fix your TV

Nothing puts a damper on your Netflix binge, TV series marathon, or movie night than a broken TV.  Digital Doc can fix the worst problems, from damaged screens, no image output, to sound issues and more.  Believe us, we need our entertainment as much as the next person, so we feel your pain if your TV’s broken.  Give Digital Doc a call and they can advise you on what to do to get your television working again.

#6 – Digital Doc Can Fix Your Printer

While the majority of home desktop printers have become more affordable, often a repair is cheaper than buying a new one to replace it (who knew?). Digital Doc is well-versed in repairing laser printers for your home or office, so before you call some other technician and start an expensive repair, call Digital Doc and get a quick and free repair estimate.  We’ll tell you if it’s worth the cost.

#7 – Digital Doc Fixes Cameras

Do you take photos to share on Facebook and Instagram? Or, do you have a blog or are you a freelance journalist?  Digital Doc will fix your camera in a flash when it breaks down.  Every technician has the expertise to repair defective image sensors, focus issues, broken flash, battery and charging issues, and so much more.  Digital Doc will get you snapping pics again in no time flat – bring in your failing cameras.

#8 – Digital Doc Will BUY your digital device

Want to sell your phone, iPod, or computer and get some fast cash?  You won’t have to mess with the time and risk of listing, selling, and exchanging on Craigslist or eBay, because Digital Doc will pay you top dollar for your devices on the spot.  Digital Doc buys all makes and models of smartphones, tablets, Apple devices, and more, even if they are broken!  You probably have some devices at home collecting dust – they could be worth money.  Bring them by a Digital Doc for an appraisal.


All in all, Digital Doc offers many repairs and services on the spot and can fix your life, so if you have an electronic device, we’ll take care of it for you!