Looking for some really cool, inexpensive tech gifts to give at Christmas this year?  Perhaps you’re looking for some stocking stuffers?  Look no further than this year’s list of hot tech gifts perfectly sized for stocking stuffers!  With these unique gifts, you’ll be able to fill your stockings’ to the brim.  Check out these tech-related stocking stuffers under $25:

Mini Camera USB Drives

Photo Courtesy: Light in the Box

A must for budding photographers, and especially great for those that own a Canon, Nikon, or Sony photography camera. These cute USB drives can hold 8 GB, 16 GB, or 32 GB of memory.  Can you imagine giving someone their photographs loaded onto one of these things?  Very unique, and cost no more than $12 each depending on the memory capacity.


Photo Courtesy: Nanotips

Nanotips is a liquid solution that you brush on ANY pair of gloves, and turns it into one of those expensive gloves that are touchscreen compatible for your smartphone or tablet.  No need to buy new pairs of gloves — save the gloves you have now and brush on a little bit of this solution at the fingertip.  The solution mimics the touch of a bare fingertip so you can keep your hands warm, and still unlock and answer your phone, text your friends, or hail an Uber or Lyft to haul your butt to someplace warm!  Works for all types of gloves, including fleece, microfiber, and leather.

Casio Calculator Watch


Photo Courtesy: Walmart

The classic, yet highly functional, watch made popular by Casio in the 80s is back again!  Aside from telling time and doing basic math as its name suggests, this watch also has a stop-watch and alarm.  Perfect for outdoor and night-time use equipped with waterproof functions and a light to see in the dark.  It is also pre-programmed with yearly calendars through the year 2079 to last many years to come.  A must-have for the attentive 80s-enthusiast!

Thin Optics

Photo Courtesy: Thin Optics

These reading glasses are perfect for those who sometimes have a hard time reading small text on their smartphone or tablet.  They’re super thin, super comfortable, and super convenient. They can fit in a wallet, pocket, or even attach to your phone itself!  Even though they are made from a durable, optical-grade polycarbonate that is shatterproof, every ThinOptics pair of reading glasses come with a lifetime guarantee, so you never have to worry about breaking them. Gone are the days of squinting, or trying to zoom in and scroll as you read — a pair of ThinOptics make a great stocking stuffer!


Photo Courtesy: Kick Ass Active

These magnetic LED lights make it safer for people who exercise or travel in low-light conditions, like early in the morning or late at night.  The powerful rare-earth magnets stick together and are small enough to attach comfortably to any article of clothing, or to your bicycle.  Athlights are designed to be visible from up to 600 feet away, and flash red and white to increase visibility to motorists and other cyclists.  With a 40-hour battery life and each being water and sweat resistant, Athlights last a long time.

Credit Card Lightbulb

Photo Courtesy: Think Geek

Another helpful stocking stuffer!  It can be pretty dark when getting something out of your purse, choosing the right dollar denomination, or finding a credit card in your wallet.  That’s where the Credit Card Lightbulb comes in! All you have to do is flip the “bulb” vertically, and the LED light provides light where you need it most.  The rest of the “card” acts as a stand so you can put it down and be hands-free to go back to what you were doing.  Plus, when you whip it out, it looks pretty darn cool!

Easy Macro Lenses


Photo Courtesy: Easy-Macro


These are the easiest way to take stunning, magnified photos with your ordinary cell phone camera.  The patented design fits on any size phone, Android or iPhone, with or without a case, to give you four times the magnification power.  Another great Christmas gift that fits in your pocket, purse, or wallet, so you can take incredible photos wherever inspiration may strike you.  Kick your Instagram game up a notch and get an Easy Macro lens!

It’s good to know that advances in technology have made tech tools and toys much cheaper and accessible to everyone, making them perfect gifts for your friends and every member of your family.  What are some of your favorite tech gifts that you’d like to receive this year?