Corporate Contact

7100 East Pleasant Valley Road
Independence, OH 44131

Phone Number
(877) 392-6278


Who is Digital Doc?

We’re committed to excellence In electronic repair & retail.

Digital Doc has proven to be something of a phenomenon. The original store in Owensboro, Kentucky, took off like wildfire. We began offering franchise opportunities in January 2013, and by the end of that year had 10 franchisees with more on the way! A large part of our success is our passion for innovation and service; our technicians love helping our clients learn and understand how the latest products can help make their lives convenient and enjoyable.

The other “secret” to our success is that, while Digital Doc itself may be new(ish), we’re far from new to the industry. We brought over 20 years’ experience in digital solutions to our venture, and we’ve stayed current with the rapidly changing and ever-exciting world of technology. In fact, our commitment to superior expertise and service led us to develop a detailed, standardized training course that each and every one of our technicians must complete before beginning work with Digital Doc. It’s our way of ensuring that our clients receive the most efficient service and the highest expertise available in the industry. We’re confident that the specialized knowledge our staff possesses can resolve even the most difficult repair needs.