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Before we know it, the fall gourds and pumpkins will be replaced with festive lights and pines, ushering in another holiday season. With this not only comes the pretty lights and paper, but jam-packed travel schedules and lugging heavy bags through airports, train stations, and in and out of cars. While we may not be able to help you find that perfect gift for your aunt’s second cousin, we can definitely help you prep your tech for just about anything.

Be sure to run a check-up.

Routine check-ups are essential for healthy living, both for us humans and for our tech. Hackers and those spreading viruses know the holidays are busy with users inputting credit card information, addresses, and other personal information into web forms and/or storing it on their devices.

We recommend regularly running a virus scan on your computer to ensure your tech’s virus protection is working efficiently. If you don’t have a protection software for your device, stop by any Digital Doc Repair store and have one of our pros run a diagnostics test on your device. We’ll check for everything and assist you with next steps to ensure your device(s) are protected. Some users have even reported better overall device efficiency after a hardware tune-up- Double win!

Best Travel Apps

Managing a holiday travel schedule can be overwhelming. We’ve put together our short list for the best travel management apps to make last minute surprises a little more bearable.

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TripCase allows users to organize multiple flights, hotel reservations and plans in one place. Users can also follow along with each other’s itineraries, allowing families or friends to keep tabs on someone’s travel, without constant updates (perfect for avoiding those never-ending group chats).

Additionally, once a flight or hotel booking is made, users can forward the confirmation to an email address and the app automatically loads the booking into its system. If your flight is delayed or changed, notifications are automatically shared!



Going ‘home’ for the holidays, but forgot where everything is? CityMaps2Go features downloadable maps and guides for over 7,000 destinations around the world. It’s great for travelers without an internet connection as maps can be pre-loaded onto a phone.


Finding your perfect cheap flight is just a tap away.  The app predicts when airfare prices will go up and lets you know when’s the best time to book. Hopper’s little bunny mascot tells you which flights are inconvenient (e.g. long layovers, airport changes), making next day arrivals a thing of the past.

Wear and Tear.

Traveling with tech can be risky business. From airport security to little ones running around, from scratches to spilled liquids- accidents are sure to happen. Stop in and pick a protective case and/or tempered glass to ensure your device is ready to for it all!

While being proactive is always a good idea, sometimes it’s not always possible. At Digital Doc Repair, we’re happy to fix broken screens, faulty batteries, charge-port issues, water damage and more!

Before heading out the door, schedule a consultation with one of our specialists to make sure your devices are running at full speed and your screens are crack-free. Don’t spend the holidays just getting by- enjoy them!

Power up.

With all the Snapchats, Instagram posts, and streamed music, it can feel like your battery is always in ‘crash and burn’ mode. Thankfully, some the best battery packs out there can get you back up to keep up with the festivities.

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Anker PowerCore+ 20100.

This one is our favorite because it charges fast, has a large capacity and is sturdier than its closest competitors. At around $50, it’s not the cheapest charger on the list, but this isn’t an outrageous price for something with a capacity of 20,100 mAh.


Yes, credit card-size batteries do exist, but the TravelCard’s style and performance ensure it’s our current number one for your wallet. The TravelCard charger’s dimensions come in at around 3.1 x 2.1 x 0.2 inches and it weighs just 57 grams.

The TravelCard comes with cables built into its body to guarantee a compact feel and its 1,500 mAh of power will fill most modern smartphone batteries by around 30-40 percent.

Limefuel Blast L25X.

The Limefuel Blast L25X measures just 3.6 x 1.5 x 0.8 inches and weighs only 2.3 oz – about the same as lip balm. The Limefuel Blast L25X holds 2,500 mAh of power, which is not quite enough to fully charge most modern handsets but it’s enough to give it a quick boost. The Blast L25X’s price and portability make it a great value, no-hassle charging solution.

Get organized.


Simple and easy to use, Wunderlist supports timed reminders, recurring to-dos (although its recurring feature is definitely lacking), separate reminders from the due date of the task, notes and additional info associated with your to-dos, shared to-dos with others, multiple categories, and more.

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Any.do is a sharp, good-looking mobile to-do list manager (and Chrome add-on) that earned high praise even though it entered the contenders round later than many of the other entries. Any.do supports iOS and Android, syncs smoothly between devices and platforms, can handle recurring tasks, timed and location-based reminders, and gets your day started with the Any.do “Moment,” a short review of everything you have on your table for the day.

Before you head out the door this season, make sure you’ve got the right gear and the right charge to ensure that, no matter where your travels take you, you’re ready to get into the holiday spirit.