Halloween is just around the corner!  Are you the tech-savvy person in your family or circle of friends that they go to for tech advice?  Do you love all things mobile, electronic, and computer-related?  What better way to celebrate Halloween than by picking a technology-related Halloween costume as the tech-savvy person you are?


While everyone else might be going with a standard sexy or scary costume, you can be the clever one that breaks from the norm and goes for a more unique Halloween costume.  Besides, what will make for better pictures to post on social media? A boring superhero costume, or a unique tech-inspired costume? Check out these costume ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Snapchat Filter Costumes

Photo Courtesy of Youtube

Speaking of creative juices flowing… If you and your friends are avid Snapchat users, than a Snapchat filter costume is for you!  Design your costume after one of many Snapchat filters.  While Snapchat’s filters may rotate out every so often, there are quite a few well-known filters you can draw inspiration from.  You can do the ever-classic rainbow vomit filter, as Youtube user Brittany Marie explains how to do in her makeup tutorial.  Other popular filters include the cute big-tongue puppy, cute and scary bunny, pop art, and many more. Put your makeup skills to the test and show that you don’t need the Snapchat app to take the most colorful, adorable, or scary pictures this Halloween.

Motorola RAZR Costume

Photo Courtesy of Imgur

Dress up as the most desired flip-phone from the 2000s!  This costume is one part nostalgia, two parts conversation-starter.  Let’s face it, everyone wanted one of these sleek, thin phones back in the day.  Odds are, you know a few people who had one of these must-have phones. (It was so popular, Motorola sold over 130 million units in its 4-year run!)  Going with this costume will definitely turn some heads and bring back delightful memories of owning this hot cell phone.  Plus, if you go all out like imgur.com user LarryQuach, and cut out a hole for an instant selfie background, people will be taking selfies with your selfie.  Talk about inception!

Social Media Profile Costume

Photo Courtesy of Ink Happi

Speaking of taking selfies, social media-themed costumes are perfect if you’re quite active on Facebook and Instagram.  Making a frame of the social media platform of your choosing will ensure that you’ll take some awesome and distinctive photos with other people on Halloween.  Jillene of inkhappi.com provides an awesome tutorial, complete with printable cutouts for the emojis, icons, and Instagram logo you need to make the perfect Instagram costume.  If you’re feeling a bit risqué, you can even try emulating this guy’s hilarious Tinder costume.

Tamagotchi Costume

Photo Courtesy of Facebook

If you like the idea of bringing some nostalgia to your next Halloween party, perhaps a fully functioning Tamagotchi costume is right up your alley!  Tamagotchi was a popular digital pet toy from the 90s, and was the first taste for many of us of what it was to be a pet parent, albeit for a digital, pixelated creature.  Tamagotchi owners usually spent a lot of time taking care of their pet, so this costume can also hold some sentimental value. All this costume requires is some colored paper, cardboard, and a tablet or phone with the Tamagotchi app downloaded for iOS and Android.  You’ll be the life of the party as people take turns feeding and playing with your Tamagotchi (and perhaps cleaning its poop).  Hopefully it will grow up and won’t die by the end of the party.

Pokemon Go Costumes

Photo Courtesy of Heavy

While Pokémon has been around for many years, only recently has the app Pokémon Go brought back many Pokémon trainers out of retirement and catching ‘em all once more.  Pokémon costumes are back in vogue, so you can pull out your old Pikachu costume or Pokémon trainer outfit. Plus with the introduction of new characters there are some new, exciting costume ideas, such as Professor Willow and the Pokémon Team leaders, Candela, Spark, and Blanche.  Or, you can be totally unique and go as the loading screen for Pokémon Go.


The Latest Viral Meme

Photo Courtesy of BBC
Photo Courtesy of Huffington Post

Nothing says “relevant Halloween costume” quite like the latest internet memes.  Angry Michael Phelps is perhaps an easy costume, and basically requires a hoodie, fake gold medals, and maybe a speedo if you feel so bold.  Or, how about a PPAP (Pen Pineapple Apple Pen) costume? If you haven’t heard this song yet, maybe count yourself a lucky one, because it’s the catchiest, craziest song since Psy’s Gangnam Style.  If an internet meme is the way you want to go for your Halloween costume, perhaps all you need to do is look to your Facebook newsfeed for inspiration!


We think these ideas are definitely better than the typical costumes you see every year.  What will you dress up as this year?