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What is Ransomware And How to Prevent It

You’ve probably heard the term “malware” or “virus,” but have you heard of the term ransomware? Just as the name suggests, ransomware is a type of malicious software that “captures” the data on your PC or phone and holds it for ransom. It’s a particularly nasty type of malware that requires the help of a … Continued

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A Parent’s Guide To Smartphones

Like driving a car, using a smartphone responsibly requires a great deal of caution. Unlike driving a car, however, there is no age restriction on using a smartphone. The average age of children getting their first smartphone today is around 10 years old. Although there’s less physical risk for a 10-year-old using a smartphone than … Continued

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“[…] the guys were very polite and helpful.”

For what had to be done, this was amazing and the guys were very polite and helpful. Thank you so much for the care you took replacing the s...
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